Penrith Beekeepers News

Beekeepers’ Question Time

On 9th October beekeepers gathered at Great Salkeld Village Hall for the first meeting of the Winter Programme. The panel of experts, which included Fred Ayres (Chair Lune Valley Beekeepers), Stephen Barnes, (Chair of British Beekeepers Association Trustees), and  Dominic Rhodes (Vice- Chair PBKA)   responded to the questions posed to them by members. The session was expertly chaired by Mike Innerdale (PBKA member). The panel advised on issues such as whether treatments to destroy varroa should still be applied; how to deal with lots of bees remaining on the crown board/ bearding on the outside of the hive in early autumn by removing the queen excluder and how to recognise the on set  of Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus which is becoming increasingly common. During the refreshment break members chatted to each other, swopping the ‘tricks and tips’ they had used to meet the challenges that the summer season had presented.