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    ‘What the books don’t tell you and why bees change their minds’ @ Zoom Meeting
    Jan 17 @ 19:30 – 21:30

    presentation by Martin Hann and Clare Densley, Buckfast Beekeepers Association     

    ‘For everything which is written down about bees there are exceptions where the bees seem to ignore what they are supposed to do and do something weird to confuse you. Bees are now devious though and there is often a reason for the seemingly aberrant behaviour. An insight into the complexities of the super-organism logic even when it is difficult to Fathom!

    Health and Safety Around the Apiary: led by Julia Piggot @ Temple Sowerby Primary School.
    Feb 24 all-day
    Health and Safety Around the Apiary: led by Julia Piggot

    A workshop which will provide guidance and practical activities to help to keep you and others safe when undertaking beekeeping.

    £10 : pre-booking essential  See details below

    This is a course that will be hosted by Penrith Beekeepers but is part of the Cumbria Beekeepers Association Programme.  

    This workshop will provide guidance and practical activities to help to keep you and others safe when beekeeping and offer a forum to plan management of apiary meetings safely.

    Julia is a Seasonal Bee Inspector, a First Aider and retired GP.  Her combined experience of beekeeping, many visits to different apiaries and her medical knowledge will ensure that this course provides health and safety advice which is particularly relevant for beekeepers.

    The session will take place in the school hall where participants will be able to use the PE mats to provide comfort for the exercises that involve lying down.

    Due to the size of the hall and the number of mats available, places  will be limited. To avoid disappointment please reserve your place asap but by 17th February at the latest.

    This course is available to all members of Cumbria Beekeepers Association.

    Cost £10. 

    To reserve a place contact: Margaret Riches  01768 894404 

    Margaret will confirm that a place has been reserved for you. The payment to Penrith Beekeepers Association will then be due.  You will be provided with the BACs details or where to send your cheque.   Further details about the session will also be supplied.

    Cancellation: Unless PBKA cancels this course, refunds for cancelled places cannot be made after 17th February

    Winter Program Place Holder
    Mar 23 all-day
    PBKA AGM @ Haydock Community Centre Centre
    Apr 7 @ 14:00 – 16:00

    Penrith  Beekeepers Association   AGM

    Followed by a presentation by Stephen Hewitt:

    Hoverflies in Cumbria

    There are some 280 species of hoverfly in the UK. They are important pollinators as well as providing other ecological services. Many of them have predatory larvae, which are valuable in pest control. Hoverflies are often brightly coloured attractive insects and several are also good mimics of bees and wasps. This presentation will provide an introduction to the family and explore some of the various life histories adopted by different species.