Swarm collectors

Penrith Beekeepers Swarm Collectors

Please be aware that these volunteers will only be able to collect swarms of honey bees that have settled and are in a safely accessible place. They are not able to remove bees that have become colonised in a building.

N.B. The swarm collector is likely to ask you to take a photograph of the swarm or the bee behaviour which is causing concern.  This should be sent to the swarm collector via E mail so that they can visualise the situation and possible solutions can be discussed with you before a visit is made to your property.

For further information about the role of swarm collectors please see the document attached:

Advice for swarm collectors


Post Code



Mrs Alison Andreassen

CA10 3SJ

07787 526925

Mr David Galloway

CA17 4HQ

01768 371198

Mr William Glaister

CA11 9PF

01768 898123

Mr Anthony Lindsey

CA11 8UR

07986 725339

Mr Stephen Marshall

CA10 3XF

07759 141625

Mr Peter Morgan

CA10 1EH

01768 898444

Mr Stephen Mitchell

CA10 3EX


Ms Pat Norris

CA11 0ES

01768 862136

Dr Dominic Rhodes


01768 483297

07949 481464

Mr Ted Thompson



07579 003011

Mrs Elizabeth Warburton

CA16 6BA

01768 351546

07849 729557