PDBKA provides opportunities for experienced and beginner beekeepers to attend training programmes which can lead to the completion of the BBKA modular assessment schemes .

Details of the BBKA Training Platform can be found here

PDBKA training programmes are currently run by Julia & Martin Hoggard.  Julia is a highly experienced beekeeper and trainer. She and Martin run the Brigsteer Bee Reserve, just outside Kendal. More information about Julia, the Bee Reserve and her training programmes, along with course feedback, can be found at

Links to  further information and application forms for courses can be found in the main menu.

The Association Apiary at Acorn Bank has been used for PDBKA members to pass the BBKA ‘Basic Skills in Beekeeping’.

PDBKA’s Introducing Beekeeping and Improver Beekeeper Courses are designed to prepare members for the next step of gaining more formal accreditation.

Follow this link for further Information about the BBKA assessment  modules :



Liquid Gold
uncapping honey
Learning to uncap

At the end of the summer season PDBKA Members can attend a session where honey extraction is demonstrated and they can gain some ‘hands on’ experience.  This is included in the Summer Programme

PDBKA have at least one honey extractor available for loan to our members.

 click here to apply online for equipment loans


1-Jar of PBKA honeyWhen it is available, the honey extracted from the Association’s bees at Acorn Bank is sold at local events and at the National trust shop at Acorn Bank.  Members are also invited to provide PDBKA with their honey for sale at events where PDBKA is represented.


Honey is nutritious!

John Crouch, Cumbria’s Celebrity Chef has provided PDBKA with a collection of delicious recipes which include honey as a significant ingredient.

Click here to download ‘BUZZ Recipes’